Learning Outcomes From a Student-generated ‘Flipped’ Wiki Textbook

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Tartaro, A.; Goess, B. C.; Miller, J.; Bui, J. Learning Outcomes From a Student-generated ‘Flipped’ Wiki Textbook . Proc. ACM SIGCHI Conf. Supp. Group Work , 2016, 449–452.


To inform the design of collaborative learning systems and assignments, our research asks: What aspects of student-generated content truly enhance learning outcomes? Herein we detail the methodologies we have developed to answer this question, including comparing performance on exam questions, some of which are based on specific metaphors found in a student-created "flipped" wiki textbook, and automating wiki content analysis for correlation of performance with creative language forms.

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GROUP '16 Proceedings of the 19th International Conference on Supporting Group Work

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