Submissions from 2017


Body size and symbiotic status influence gonad development in Aiptasia pallida anemones, Judith F. Carlisle, Grant K. Murphy, and Alison M. Roark


Application of Anthromes to Frame Scenario Planning for Landscape-Scale Conservation Decision Making, Dainee Gibson and John Quinn


Application of a coupled human natural system framework to organize and frame challenges and opportunities for biodiversity conservation on private lands, John E. Quinn and Jesse Wood

Submissions from 2015


Human Appropriation of Net Primary Production (HANPP) in an Agriculturally-Dominated Watershed, Southeastern USA, C. Brannon Andersen, R. Kyle Donovan, and John Quinn

Submissions from 2014


Bridging developmental boundaries: lifelong dietary patterns modulate life histories in a parthenogenetic insect, Alison M. Roark and Karen A. Bjorndal

Submissions from 2013


The Influence of Different Cover Types on American Robin Nest Success in Organic Agroecosystems, John E. Quinn, Amy Oden, and James R. Brandle