Flipped Textbooks: Student-created Online Wiki Textbooks for Intermediate and Advanced Chemistry Classes

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Goess, B. C.; Tartaro, A. Flipped Textbooks: Student-Created Online Wiki Textbooks for Intermediate and Advanced Chemistry Classes. In Online Approaches to Chemical Education; Sörensen, Pia M. Canelas, Dorian A., Ed.; ACS Symposium Series 1261; American Chemical Society: Washington, DC, 2017; pp 131-142.


Over the past eight years, over 200 students at Furman University have authored a “flipped” electronic wiki textbook to accompany their intermediate-level course in bio-organic chemistry. Many students report through in-depth interviews that this electronic textbook is as useful in this course as similar textbooks created by professional authors. This chapter describes the flipped textbook and provides guidelines for how to successfully encourage the creation of a flipped textbook. Furthermore, evidence is presented to support the hypothesis that the language student authors use to communicate scientific information throughout the flipped textbook may lead to improved learning outcomes for students who subsequently utilize the textbook as a study aid in the course.

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Online Approaches to Chemical Education

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Book Chapter