TREPR spectra of micelle-confined spin correlated radical pairs: I. Molecular motion and simulations

Valery F. Tarasov
Lauren E. Jarocha
Nikolai I. Avdievich
Malcolm D. E. Forbes


Radical pairs created by the photoreduction of benzophenone (BP) in sodium dodecyl sulfate (SDS) micelles exhibit strong asymmetry in the line shapes of their time-resolved electron paramagnetic resonance (TREPR) signals. The asymmetry is strongly dependent on the temperature from 16 °C to 66 °C. Simulations of the anti-phase structure (APS) line shape of these spin correlated radical pairs (SCRPs), based on a numerical solution of the Stochastic Liouville Equation with the spin exchange interaction depending exponentially on the distance between radicals, are presented and discussed. The proposed model takes into account the diffusive motion of the radicals along with the motion of the transverse magnetization and accounts satisfactorily and self-consistently for the asymmetry of the observed TREPR signals.