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In this perspective, two experienced academic administrators who are computational chemists discuss strategies for how to maintain an active research program at a pre- dominately undergraduate institution as your career progresses. More responsibility equates to less time for research, so planning for research to remain a priority is essential. We all have the same amount of time, so figuring out how to use yours bet- ter is the key to remaining active. Professional organizations such as Council on Undergraduate Research, consortia of computational chemists such as Molecular Education and Research Consortium in computational chemistRY and Midwest Undergraduate Computational Chemistry Consortium, and attendance at profes- sional conferences can help sustain your research program. Collaborations with fac- ulty at other institutions provide a particularly effective accountability mechanism as well. Perhaps the best way to improve your productivity is to become a better men- tor to your undergraduate students. Building a research group that is fun and exciting develops a culture that sustains itself and provides the momentum necessary to maintain progress toward scientific goals.



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