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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Student Poster Session


Recreational fishing is a popular and profitable sport for states across the country (Ditton et al., 2002). Mountain trout angling provides as much as 174 million dollars annually to the state of North Carolina (NCWRC, 2009). This number shows that recreational trout fishing is an important economic factor for North Carolina. The goal of this project is to determine what variables correlate to the popularity of a county among trout anglers. Through personal experience, academic articles, and interviews with fly fishermen a list of variables was created in order to compare two streams in different counties. These variables include household median income, accessibility, proximity to fishing stores, and sex, age, and gender. The results show that some of these variables may in fact correlate to the popularity of a county among anglers in North Carolina. My findings may be helpful in the ability to predict the popularity of a trout stream when designating new trout water.



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