Alec Schindler

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Student Scholarship

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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Student Poster Session

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Mike Winiski, John Quinn


Looking at the entire soundscape and studying its spatial variability can often give us important information about the health of the ecosystem. However, most previous studies only measure sound intensity, and are therefore limited in their depiction of the soundscape. Another tool for mapping soundscapes is SPreAD-GIS. This tool models sound propagation in an area. However, previous studies have only used it to evaluate the effects of noise pollution, but not applied it towards depicting the soundscape as a whole. I mapped the soundscape of Furman University’s campus using sound intensity as well as many different soundscape indices in order to see how sound varied spatially and how landscape characteristics such as land cover and anthropogenic disturbances affected the soundscape. I used a combined approach of interpolating actual recording values and SPreAD-GIS modeling.

Additional Affiliated Department, Center or Institute

Biology, Center for Teaching and Learning



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