Sustainability Science and Full Cost Analysis Learning Module

The mission of the David E. Shi Center for Sustainability is to promote interdisciplinary research and teaching in support of sustainability on campus and in the greater community. The David E. Shi Center for Sustainability at Furman University has created this easy to use, easy to modify learning module to introduce Sustainability Science and Full Cost Analysis (FCA) to your classes and research conversations. Furman University has a long standing and deep commitment to sustainability, and has particularly focused its efforts on innovative curriculum creation and engaged learning. Its work in engage learning supports student development through curricular, co-curricular, and community partnerships that provide distinctive and meaningful experiential education.

Sustainability, in its most fundamental sense, involves balancing the relationships among complex systems – environmental, political, economic, social and ethical. These systems together generate questions of value. Sustainability Science is an academic discipline that focuses on the critical linkages between global environmental, human, and social systems and emphasizes complex systems analysis focusing on understanding sustainability related problems and assessing potential solutions. The challenge of sustainability is becoming ever more urgent as human transformations of the earth have overstepped critical planetary resource boundaries. Addressing this challenge requires examining complex problems from a variety of disciplinary perspectives and crafting holistic solutions.

One approach to addressing these challenges is Full Cost Analysis. Full Cost Analysis (FCA) is a method of problem solving which uses systems thinking to account for the economic, societal, and environmental costs of a problem, to the fullest extent possible.

This Sustainability Science and Full Cost Analysis Learning module contains Video Primers and Case Studies as well as additional materials needed to teach the concepts of Sustainability Science and Full Cost Analysis.

The Arthur Vining Davis Foundations have generously funded the development of these Sustainability Science and Full Cost Analysis pedagogical framework and materials. The vision of the AVD Foundations has been integral in supporting the proliferation of more opportunities for faculty to train their students in cutting edge techniques like FCA.


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