It was a very chaotic day, says Kathryn Sikes. Indeed, mutants spread everywhere, according to Brian Stadler. Bacterial wars raged all over the place, adds Dan MacMartin. Everybody was stealing, reported Christian Sykes. There were no limits to it, witnessed by Samuel Grundman. Only the fittest survived and got out of the prison, noted by Joseph Krenicky. The group was set free by Steven Piantadosi. We almost got lost in cyclic paths, said Heather Allmond. At least, our weight was a perfect number, smiles Michael Shiver, because we were not oversized thanks to Martha Shott. Finally, a picture was taken by Gavin Taylor and you could win a date if you listened to David Dombrowski. Math can be a lot of fun.


These are abstracts of talks presented at the Regional Undergraduate Mathematics Conference held at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro on October 15, 2005. The conference was supported by the Mathematical Association of America NSF-RUMC Program (DMS-0241090) and UNCG .

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