Current Ecological Status of the Furman Lake


Current Ecological Status of the Furman Lake


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Student Scholarship

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Greenville, South Carolina


A five minute, ten second audio recording created by Furman students from the COM-95 class describing the importance of the Furman lake to the Furman community and its environmental health decline throughout the years. The audio details the Furman Lake's problems, causes of these problems, and gives some solutions. Furman Professors Wade Worthen and Weston Dripps speak about the Furman Lake's restoration. Students talk about their involvement in the lake restoration, the current efforts in the project, as well as improvements already made.


Furman University, Environmental sciences, Lakes, Lake restoration, Ecological integrity, Ecosystem management, Water quality, Sound recordings

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Biology, Communication Studies, Earth and Environmental Science


Biology | Earth Sciences | Environmental Sciences


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Current Ecological Status of the Furman Lake