Ninety-Six Press
A Millennial Sampler of South Carolina Poetry


A Millennial Sampler of South Carolina Poetry


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Ninety-Six Press

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Greenville, S.C.

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These are the poets represented: William Aarnes, Gilbert Allen, Paul Allen, Ken Autrey, Jan Bailey, Frederick W. Bassett, Claire Bateman, Alice Cabaniss, Wayne Cox, Phebe Davidson, Kwame Dawes, Skip Eisiminger, Gene Fehler, Linda Annas Ferguson, Starkey Flythe, Keller Cushing Freeman, Vera Gómez, Aly Goodwin, Linda Lee Harper, Ellen E. Hyatt, Sue Lile Inman, Thomas L. Johnson, Angela Kelly, John Lane, Susan Ludvigson, Ed Madden, Joel McCollough, Terri McCord, Ray McManus, Susan Meyers, Ronald Moran, Rick Mulkey, Horace Mungin, Eugene Platt, Ron Rash, Alex Richardson, Kimberly Jane Simms, Warren Slesinger, Brian Slusher, Laura Stamps, Nancy Dew Taylor, Sheila Tombe, Deno Trakas, Ryan G. Van Cleave, Ceille Baird Welch, Marjory Wentworth.


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A Millennial Sampler of South Carolina Poetry