Most Recent Additions*


June Manning Thomas Oral History
June Manning Thomas and Jeffrey Makala


Monomers of Glycine and Serine Have a Limited Ability to Hydrate in the Atmosphere
Benjamin T. Ball, Sara Vanovac, Tuguldur T. Odbadrah, and George C. Shields


Stephen T. Richardson Oral History
Stephen T. Richardson and Matthew Sohner


Ligand-to-Metal Charge-Transfer Photophysics and Photochemistry of Emissive d0 Titanocenes: A Spectroscopic and Computational Investigation
Henry C. London, Thomas J. Whittemore, Ariel G. Gale, Colin D. McMillen, David Y. Pritchett, Alexis R. Myers, Hannah D. Thomas, George C. Shields, and Paul S. Wagenknecht


Adenine Radical Cation Formation by a Ligand-Centered Excited State of an Intercalated Chromium Polypyridyl Complex Leads to Enhanced DNA Photo-oxidation
Frederico A. Baptista, Dorottya Krizsan, Mark Stitch, Igor V. Sazanovich, Ian P. Clark, Michael Towrie, Conor Long, Lara Martinez-Fernandez, Roberto Improta, Noel Kane-Maguire, John M. Kelly, and Susan J. Quinn


Business Meeting
Nathan D. Brown


49. Pedagogy XIII: Reflections on the Pandemic
Lori Oxford, Maria J. Maguire, Emily Krauter, and Elizabeth Zahnd


48. Hispanic Studies XXI: Making Your Way, Finding Your Voice
Michele Shaul, Kathryn Quinn-Sánchez, Michele Shaul, Shawn Bowers, and Amrita Das


45. Hispanic Studies XIX: Gender in Spanish and LatinX Novels and Plays
Laura Hunt, María Teresa Sanhueza, Greg C. Severyn, and Cynthia Palmer


44. Pedagogy XII: Roundtable, Playing to Their Strengths
Belinda Sauret, Melissa Giggey, Rubia Castro, and Laurie Ecke


43. Hispanic Studies XVIII: Spain and Cuba
Elena Adell, Elena Adell, Lori Oxford, and Wendy Caldwell


42. Hispanic Studies XVII: Trauma and Memory in Mexico and Spain
Amy Frazier-Yoder, Krysheida Ayub-Unzon, Adriana Rivera Vargas, and Lynn Purkey


41. Pedagogy XI: Second Language Acquisition and Mindfulness
Scott Despain, Ismênia Sales de Souza, Margaret Keneman, and Michelle Bettencourt


Virtual Networking Cocktail
Nathan D. Brown


Keynote Address
Susan Carvalho, E. Joe Johnson, and Linda Bartlett


40. Pedagogy X: Online Teaching; Challenges and Discoveries, Part 2
Kristi Hislope, Paloma Fernández Sánchez, Monica Rodriguez-Castro, and Kristi Hislope

*Updated as of 12/06/21.