Oral Histories of Colombian Textile Workers in Greenville, SC

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Charlie Lott; Sofía Kearns


Charlie Lott; Sofía Kearns


Video interview with Latino Rodríguez. Latino begins the interview giving a detailed history of how he started at the bottom in the Colombian textile industry and worked very hard to move up to mechanic. He discusses his jobs in textiles in Colombia and talks of different factories and working conditions. Latino tells of how he emigrated to the United States, going to work in textiles in Rhode Island. Later, because of crime in the area, he decided to move to Greenville, SC, and he tells of his journey there, and how he started there in textiles. Latino compares working in Colombia to working in Greenville, and he talks about the differences in Rhode Isalnd and Greenville. Latino mentions American Spinning, Monaghan, and the Woodside companies. He tells about life in Greenville with friends, family, and work. Latino closes the interview talking about life back in Colombia now that he is getting older.

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Greenville, SC


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