Oral Histories of Colombian Textile Workers in Greenville, SC

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Claire Griffith; Sam Johnson; Jordan Ingram; Marina Cox; Sofía Kearns


Claire Griffith; Sam Johnson; Jordan Ingram; Sofía Kearns


Video interview with Nemesio Loaiza. Nemesio Loaiza was born in Colombia in 1934. He was a shoemaker in Colombia, and did not work in the textile industry until he came to the United States. In this oral history Nemesio tells of how he started in the textile industry in Greenville, SC, as a sweeper, but then moved up to other jobs and a long career in textiles. He details his career in the textile mill, how he came to the United States from Colombia, the working conditions for him, and the social life in Greenville. He speaks about his family, how he brought them to the United States, their life, and what they are all doing now. Nemesio dicusses the changes in Greenville over the years, immigration, and shares the good things, and the challenges of life as an immigrant, working and living in Greenville.

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Greenville (S.C)


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Nemesio Loaiza