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Fall 12-1-2017

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Various Selves: Identity & Identities

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The artistic impulse arises from a place of self-expression, but who or what of the self is being expressed? Is it a single element or a plurality of dueling identities?

Through the creative process, an artist explores, tests, integrates, and reconciles the various selves. Whether it's the choice of subject matter, medium, design elements, or through creating. The viewer is transformed through observing the creation, challenged to develop a new empathy, a new understanding.

As Carl Jung observed, "Personal causes have as much or as little to do with the work of art as the soil with the plant that springs from it." Evening Studies students, alumni, staff, and faculty each have personal causes and stories that inform these selected works. Observers may discern the various selves in an artist's work, or those identities may remain a mystery. This showcase serves as an opportunity to consider an identity defined by identities, to reflect on the various selves that exist in each of us, that propel us forward, give us purpose and meaning, and reveal who we are.