The Sisters at Williams Hardware


The Sisters at Williams Hardware


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Nestled in the tiny town of Travelers Rest, South Carolina, the Cafe at Williams Hardware is a busy hive of activity. Boasting traditional Southern-style comfort food, a friendly waitstaff, and locally handcrafted merchandise – ranging from cookbooks, to bird soap dishes, to windchimes – Williams Hardware is more than just a cafe. This film follows two Furman University students as they explore this cornerstone of Travelers Rest which also stands as the oldest restaurant on the Swamp Rabbit Trail, a 10-mile bike trail which connects Greenville to TR. The iconic McCarrell sisters, Joyce and Nancy, have run the place with typical southern charm for almost ten years. They are as integral to the cafe as the food, and this film explores their dynamic as sisters along with their personal history growing up in Travelers Rest and making the Cafe into the hub it is today.


Tami Blumenfield

Associate Producer

Jean Schwab


Olivia Corso and Hailey Pierce

Filmed by

Olivia Corso and Hailey Pierce



Music Credits

"Castor Wheel Pivot" by Blue Dot Sessions (Attribution-Noncommercial), "Bloom" by Jahzzar (Attribution-Sharealike), "You are Not Funny" by Borrtex (Attribution-Noncommercial), "A Quick Coffee" by Borrtex (Attribution-Noncommercial)


This work was supported by the staff and resources of the Furman University Writing and Media Lab.


Shown as a part of Furman Engaged! 2018

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Creative Commons License
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The Sisters at Williams Hardware