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Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Student Poster Session

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Mike Winiski


A few years down the road I hope to open a tackle shop in Charleston, South Carolina with my current college roommate. I have been fishing my entire life and since coming down to school I have spent many breaks down in Charleston. My interest in the area really blossomed during the summer of 2013 which I spent in Charleston fishing and working around the water. During my time in Charleston I have realized that many local shops are in good locations but they do not provide excellent service. Shops seem to get by on reputation rather than actual service. I selected the best location for a tackle shop to be opened in Charleston using drive time to shops, average disposable income, median male age and the location of existing tackle shops as well as boat ramps. There is no specific research on tackle shop locations but I used GIS, Business Analyst, and Community Analyst to create my maps. GIS has been taught and used for many different applications. For example, GIS is being applied to undergraduate business classes, giving students a greater understanding of the interconnected market. (Calvert and O’Toole, 2010) The program is widely used to give raw data a spatial aspect than can be evaluated on a map. It enables basic analysis from statistical programs such as AVM and CAMA to be projected on a map. (O’Connor, 2013) In the last two decades the program that has been used to determine retail locations . The program has been applied in the United Kingdom to determine retail locations using income and drive time. One particular article evaluated the placement of a grocery store using GIS. The analysis was run using census data and the UK expenditure survey which essentially shows where people are spending there money. (Benoit and Clarke, 1997) GIS is capable of showing housing and land values which can highlight an area that is best for a new business. (Bocksael et al, 1997) Overall GIS use is still being expanded and explored, I have taken advantage of the tools to determine where a tackle shop can profit in Charleston, SC.

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Center for Teaching and Learning



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