Aims & Scope

The Furman University Electronic Journal of Undergraduate Mathematics is an on-line journal designed to encourage undergraduate research in the field of mathematics. Furman stresses the importance of excellence in undergraduate education, and the Journal is part of the university's efforts to that end.

The Journal accepts papers of significant mathematical interest written by students containing work done prior to the students' obtaining a Bachelor's degree. Papers of all types will be considered, including technical, historical, and expository papers.

The Journal is refereed. In addition, any student wishing to submit a paper must have a sponsor--a full-time faculty member willing to approve the student's work. The sponsor will play a role in ensuring the quality and veracity of the paper.

The sponsor system and the on-line nature of the Journal enable rapid publication of papers, giving undergraduate students an opportunity to see their work published prior to their graduation. Access to the Journal is provided by the World Wide Web and the url listed below. Papers are presented primarily in postscript and pdf  formats. Papers will be accepted via email in LaTeX or TeX formats.