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The n-Extent of S3(p,m)


In this paper we estimate xtn (S3 (p, m)), the n-extent of various lens spaces. We give numerical evidence for extending certain results of D. G. Yang [Duke Math. J., 74 (1994), 531-545.] to primes p between 11 and 37. We explain the implication of our results for the topology of 4-dimensional manifolds of positive sectional curvature with nontrivial isometric Zp-actions.

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M. Kalka

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Tulane University

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D. G. Yang

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Tulane University

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Research supported by NSF Grant number DMS9423945 under the REU program. The authors would like to thank professors M. Kalka and D. G. Yang for their invaluable help with this project.

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Mathematics Commons



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