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Some Geometry of H(Rn)


If X is a complete metric space, the collection of all non-empty compact subsets of X forms a complete metric space (H(X), h), where h is the Hausdorff metric. In this paper we explore some of the geometry of the space H(Rn). Specifically, we concentrate on understanding lines in H(R). In particular, we show that for any two points A, B, ∈ H(Rn), there exist infinitely many points on the line joining A and B. We characterize some points on the lines formed using closed and bounded intervals of R and show that two distinct lines in H(R) can intersect in infinitely many points.

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Steven Schlicker

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Grand Valley State University

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51, 54


This paper was written while the author was an undergraduate at Grand Valley State University. The author would like to thank Dr. Steven Schlicker for all of his time, help and suggestions.

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Mathematics Commons



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