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Semi-weekly Raleigh Register

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Raleigh, North Carolina

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Nebraska Bill (Jan-May 1854)

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slave state


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It is an attempt to prove the locofoco party the national party, and the Whig party a mere faction.

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The last "Standard" contains an article, headed "The National Party," which, for cool vanity and impudence, beats anything which has for some time appeared in that print. It is an attempt to prove the locofoco party the national party, and the Whig party a mere faction. Let the article speak for itself:

"There can be no doubt now, even in the minds of the most ultra Whigs, that the democratic party is the national party of the country. This fact is proved by its course for years past, and especially shown in the late vote in the Senate on the Nebraska bill, when fourteen Northern Democrats voted to abrogate the Missouri line, and, consequently, to let in slavery to Nebraska and Kansas, provided the climate and soil should be adapted to it; and no Whig from the free States so voted.

The Democratic party is, therefore, the national, and the Whig party is, therefore, the sectional party."

The fact is especially shown in the late vote in the Senate on the Nebraska Bill!" As this appears to be the "especial," the strong proof, to make out the "Standard's" case, we shall address ourselves "especially" to it. A complete reply to such stuff is to be found in the fact, that the Nebraska bill has not been made a party issue by either party. The fact is well known, that the "Washington Union" has proclaimed, for months past, that it should not be regarded in such light, -- that one could be a good democrat, though he might vote against it! Again: Has the "Standard" had its eyes shut (we suppose it has!) to the fact, that the immense demonstrations made at the North against the bill were directed by democrats, as well as Whigs, -- that many of their strongest, most eloquent, most powerful leaders, took prominent parts in those demonstrations? Has it yet been discovered how the constituents of the "fourteen Northern Senators" who supported the bill will stand? Is it not evident, that an immense majority of both parties at the North are opposed to the bill, -- that this opposition is increasing, and is likely to sweep over all mere party distinctions? Talk about Northern democracy, under this test, being national! A short time since, Van Buren, Chase, Cochrane, Stuart, of Michigan, and many others, who are against the bill, were ALL national, because they stood on the "Baltimore Platform!" The truth is, the best and the only test of nationality, with the "Standard" and such, is adhesion to the party, right or wrong! Bronson, Dickinson, O'Conner, leading upwards of eighty thousand voters in New York, were national, very national, until they refused to be dictated to by the Administration, as to how they should vote in the State election, and declined indignantly an association with Van Buren & Co.; and then, lo! they were, by the fiat of those in power, denationalized! The absurdity of the "Standard's" reasoning must be so apparent, to every man of ordinary information, that it would be unnecessary to pursue the subject farther, -- but we ask attention to one other fact.

The "Standard" says, that fourteen northern Senators voted "to abrogate the Missouri line," (in voting for the Nebraska bill.) Now this is not the truth. All know that the Nebraska bill is based, explicitly, upon the assumption, the ground, that the Compromise of 1850 abrogated the Missouri line! If so, then how does the "Standard" and nearly its whole party, at the South stand as to nationality? The Compromise of 1850 was denounced with a venom, almost fiendish in its character, by the Democracy of the South, (with a few honorable exceptions,) and by no one with more of such venom than the Editor of the " Standard;" yet they were claiming, all the time, to be the indentically same, Simon pure, national party! whist Mr. Fillmore, and those Whigs and Democrats who stood by the Compromise, were attempted to be degraded into a faction! This arrogance in claiming all the "nationality" for his Party, in connection with the Nebraska bill, is of a piece with his claiming all the "patriotism and honor" for that same Party, when it opposed the Compromise measures of 1850! It was at that time and by those measures that "the Missouri Compromise was abrogated" -- by which the odious slavery restriction was taken from an immense territory, of sufficient dimensions to make twelve States as large as North Carolina -- and by which the slave- holders of the South were permitted to enter that territory on equal terms with citizens of the North. Those who supported, through evil as well as through good report, those measures, were the patriotic, the true "national Party." Was the Editor of the "Standard" of that number? Were his political friends of the State? He will be sick of his own "nationality," before he is done with this subject. We have his files of 1850-'51, and they tell a tale, which will put to shame his boasted nationality! We shall give extracts from them in due time.

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It is an attempt to prove the locofoco party the national party, and the Whig party a mere faction.