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The Pennsylvania Black List.


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Morning Herald

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Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

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Nebraska Bill (Jan-May 1854)

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free state


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We give below the names of the eleven traitors to Pennsylvania and the North, who voted to take up the Nebraska bill, with a view to its immediate passage.

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We give below the names of the eleven traitorsto Pennsylvania and the North, who voted to takeup the Nebraska bill, with a view to its immediatepassage. May these recreants never return to theState they have dishonored and betrayed. Letthem depart the country on foreign missions, orborrow in patronage in and around the Capitol(the price of their treachery) but a decent regard for the people whom they have betrayed, forbids the thought of their ever again seeing the soil andsky of the old Keystone. Here are their names.--Let their individuality be marked. Le the recordbe preserved in some conspicuous place within everyfarm house, work shop and counting room in the State.

The Traitors to Pennsylvania!

Thomas B. Florence, John Robbins, Jr.,William H. Witte,John McNair,Samuel A. Bridges,Christian M. Straub,Hendrick B. Wright,Asa Packer, Wm. H. Kurtz,John L. Dawson,Michael C. Trout,J. Jones.

If these trucklers to the Slave power expect theirdistricts to endorse their votes they will be mistaken.No party drill can force the free men of the old Keystone into the support of those who vote to substitute Slavery for Freedom. The conductof these men will be closely scrutinized. Shouldthey accept office from the Administration, the example of Judas will rise up in the memory of thepeople as duplicated in the persons of their Representatives.If they fail of their reward, let themcome home and ask the people for an extension oftheir terms of offices; and see how the demand willbe answered. We advise them to close their eyesand shut their ears, when the answer at the ballotbox is given. In contrast with this base subserviencyand treachery on the part of the Democracy,how noble the conduct of the Pennsylvania WhigDelegation in Congress, who unanimously resistedthe outrage attempted to be perpetrated upon theNorth, by forcing the infamous Nebraska schemethrough the House prematurely and without thatfull and "free discussion" which the importanceof the subject demanded, and which free men claimas an inherent right.

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The Pennsylvania Black List.

We give below the names of the eleven traitors to Pennsylvania and the North, who voted to take up the Nebraska bill, with a view to its immediate passage.