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The Reign of Terror.--


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Daily Pittsburgh Gazette

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Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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John Brown

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Free speech is now denied at the South.

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Free speech is nowdenied at the South. Every man who opens hismouth to utter a word of sympathy for oldBrown, or dares to advance a single sentimentfavorable to liberty, is at once arrested andcommitted to prison. Men have been thusimprisoned for saying that they voted for Fremontin 1856; that old Brown was right; that slaverywas wrong; and a man has been compelled togive $2000 bail to keep the peace, in WashingtonCity, for saying that he believed in the doctrineof the "irrepressible conflict."

It would be useless to undertake theenumeration of these cases. The Southern papers arefull of them. Every Northern man now in theSouth is an object of suspicion; many havealready been driven off; others have receivednotice to quit; and the rest are to be harassedwith prosecutions for using "seditious language"in giving vent to their natural feelings, doubtlessunder strong provocation. It is a completereign of terror. Every man is liable to be anobject of suspicion; and he who expects toretain his foothold upon that soil must put apadlock upon his lips, lest some incautious wordslip out and thereby endanger "the institution."It is enforced silence, instant departure, orimprisonment; and he who tarries among thehospitable citizens of that chivalrous clime has hischoice of those pleasant predicaments. Overthe gate at the entrance to the South is written-- "He who enters here leaves all liberty behind."

We do not write to find fault with this state ofthings. It is the legitimate fruit of Slavery,and it affords an unanswerable argument againstthe extension of an institution, over free territory,which exacts such submission from its victims. It is impossible for us to free such Statesas Virginia from her bondage; but we can, atleast, save the embryo States from a curse whichwould reduce them to the level of Virginia.

There is another view of this subject whichit behooves the South to take note of -- everyman who is thus suspected, driven off orpunished for his free speech will become, in theNorth, a proselyter for free sentiments. Theywill become, in 1860, the most efficient laborersin the cause of Republicanism. The South hadbetter be careful, or it may send home too manyof them.

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The Reign of Terror.--

Free speech is now denied at the South.