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John Brown

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millions of curses were uttered against the hellish system which so mercilessly and ferociously cried out for his blood.

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The immolation of John Brown was, in short,in accordance with the philosophy of slavery --a necessity. He had dared to act on theconviction of his life, and these settled principles ofhis were the only ones which such a man couldentertain. He was too brave to have thoughtdifferently from what he did, and the same nobleimpulses which inculcated a love of Freedomand Right, impelled him constantly andirresistibly to the practical development of histheory. He has failed, according to the popularmode of calculating failure and success; butthat his life and tragic death must of necessityconstitute a failure, is a point too broad andhigh to be disposed of in this summary manner. We cannot but disapprove his mad and folly-strikenact, but the unselfishness of the deed;his moderation, when victorious, over the townwhich he captured; his spartan courage indefending himself and his fellows, and his sublimecontempt of death while overborne and made themanacled tenant of a prison; his stern integrityin scorning the technicalities of the law, and hismanliness in all things, will not be quicklyforgotten; but rather a contemplation of this heroicold man's character will irresistibly compelthinking men to ask themselves whether it isJohn Brown, of Ossawatomie, or the system ofslavery which has failed in this conflict.

The execution of the old man at Charlestownyesterday, was a plain admission on the part ofSlavery that they dare not spare a brave man'slife, and that magnanimity is impossible to asystem based on wrong and upheld by violence. History will do justice to the institution ofSlavery and its uncompromising foe alike, whenboth are gone; and, in the meantime, the comparisonwhich this affair provokes between thetwo, which none can clearly foresee, but enoughof which is now plainly visible to change thepopular judgment. Slavery in all the plenitudeof its triumph and power is a failure; and oldJohn Brown of Ossawatomie has succeeded --Sampson-like -- in dragging down the pillars ofSlavery in his fall, and his victory is complete! While millions of prayers went up for the oldmartyr yesterday, so millions of curses were utteredagainst the hellish system which somercilessly and ferociously cried out for his blood. Every heart in which a free spirit throbbed gaveutterance to its pent-up agony in contemplatingthe enormities of this bloody institution -- thissum of all villainies -- in the dispensations of itspower and the exactions of its bloody code.

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millions of curses were uttered against the hellish system which so mercilessly and ferociously cried out for his blood.