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Dred Scott

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It strikes at the very vitals ofour free institutions

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According to our promise in our last, we this week give the article from the N. Y. Independent headed "The New Era" on our first page, on the decision of theSupreme Court in the Dred Scott case andwe speak for it a careful perusal. Everyoneought to make himself well acquaintedwith the whole character and bearing ofthis decision. This is no trifle which willonly be talked about for a short time and,then die off. It strikes at the very vitals ofour free institutions and if such things aresuffered we are no longer a free people butare at the mercy of a band of tyrants whowill rule us with a rod of iron worse thanthat of a Russian Autocrat. Here is abody of men who cannot be reached thro'the ballot box even the party in power hasno control over them. This decision showswhat men will do when vested with the vastpower of the present Supreme Court of theU. S. when once they become corruptedand no sane person can deny but that thiscourt is so at the present day. It has beenshown that they have resorted to the mostglaring falsehoods to sustain this decision;and those editors who justify and upholdthem, so far as we have seen, give no reasonto show the justice of such a course. Ifyou offer any argument you are only metby slang, such as black republican, abolition,nigger worshiper, &c. They try to putyou down by ridicule instead of argument.,in fact they can adduce none, they will tellyou that you must submit to the decisionof the Supreme Court however arbitrary, tyrannical and unjust it may be or you area disunionist. With such a court and suchmen as we now have for judges neither ourlives, our liberty nor our property are safe. Our State rights have been invaded by thiscourt in one case and they will not hesitateto do so in another if it suits their convenienceor is for their interest or the interestof Slavery -- of either the white or blackrace. What hope can we have of obtainingjustice from men who have so grosslyoutraged every principle which we as freemanhold dear? Men who will resort to falsehoodin one case will also do it in another. Men who will pervert the law in one casewill do it in all cases where interest orfavoritism is concerned. What chance woulda free state man have in such a court ifopposed by a slaveholder? None whatever.

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It strikes at the very vitals ofour free institutions