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A New Party.


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Hartford Daily Courant

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Hartford, Connecticut

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Nebraska Bill (Jan-May 1854)

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free state


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It is time that minor differences should be forgotten or laid aside.

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There is but one subject that should now engage the attention of Northern freemen, -- all other issues and political objects are trivial in comparison to its importance -- and that is, the strides of the slave power towards supremacy. Every minor consideration of political expediency or questions of limited bearing should give away in this exigency to the necessity of restraining these ambitious movements. To oppose the extent of the area of slavery is a principle that can bind and ought to bind American freemen together in one great party. The Slave Power have obtained the great Western Territory as a part of their Empire. Cuba is to be the next stride to universal domination. The leave to bring their slaves with them to the Free States will be next demanded. The right to hold such property, even in New England, will be required, until the time shall come, as Robert Toombs predicted, when the slave shall be held within the shadow of Bunker Hill. To prevent such results, -- to stay the onward progress of this power, requires the union of all free men in the free States. No matter by what name they may have been hitherto known -- whether as Whigs, or Democrats, or Free Soilers. It is time that minor differences should be forgotten or laid aside, and that all who feel alike in this matter should collect around the same standard and join in the support of the same principle -- NO MORE SLAVE TERRITORY.

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A New Party.

It is time that minor differences should be forgotten or laid aside.