Event Title

16. Hispanic Studies V: Childhood and Gender


Alan Hartman, Mercy College

Start Date

7-10-2021 4:00 PM

End Date

7-10-2021 5:15 PM

Presentation Titles

“La clandestinidad: A quick transitory in-and-out of militancy for children in Argentina’s post dictatorship literature (2001-2015).”
Stephanie Orozco, University of South Carolina at Aiken

“Staging Trauma: The Recuperation of Historical Memory in Laila Ripoll’s ‘Los niños perdidos’.”
Katrina Heil, East Tennessee State University

“Nuestra señora de la Soledad de Marcela Serrano: En búsqueda de la identidad femenina a través del género detectivesco.”
Silvia Choi, Georgia Gwinnett College

Publication Date

October 2021

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Oct 7th, 4:00 PM Oct 7th, 5:15 PM

16. Hispanic Studies V: Childhood and Gender