Conference Announcement

A blue lake and green vegetation sits at the base of the red rock formation: Cathedral Rock

Cathedral Rock. Photographed and copyrighted by Tony Gervis

What are the effects of climate change on various ecosystems? How can we manage our natural resources in a sustainable manner? What policy changes are required in order to prevent the destruction of habitats and the disappearance of plant and animal species? Scientific research is necessary to answer these questions. An understanding of the natural and economic forces and their interactions is needed in order to be able to prevent the loss of these resources. Essential to this endeavor is the use of bio-economic models.

The 2016 RMA conference will bring together researchers from a variety of disciplines that are concerned with managing natural resources, such as ecologists, economists, mathematicians and those working in fisheries and forestry. This interaction of disciplines provides an excellent opportunity to share ideas and develop options for solving the complex problems of our environment.

The Resource Modeling Association has a long-standing tradition of holding its conferences in locations that showcase examples of what motivates modelers to apply their skills to studying the complex dynamics of diverse natural systems. RMA conferences are small and foster interaction between established researchers and those starting to work in an area. Close professional and social interaction between participants is characteristic of these meetings. This is a wonderful opportunity for young researchers to present the results of their initial investigation and for senior scholars to reflect on recent advances in their field. As a result, all participants benefit from the stimulating sharing of ideas. These conferences have resulted in the linking together on a personal basis individuals from diverse geographical areas and differing disciplines. These are truly interdisciplinary gatherings of scientists interested in using quantitative methods to manage natural resources.